Marian Journal of Professional Management is an initiative from Marian International Institute of Management, Kuttikanam. The first issue has been very carefully put together covering a range of topics to spark a debate on management in the context of emerging challenges in business. There are a lot of challenges that growing economy like India faces in the realms of basic necessities in life. It is very important that different stakeholders unite and collaborate on issues that confront society. One of the key objectives of research should be its usability and application. The intent of this first edition of journal is to showcase finance based articles on the theme” Innovations and Practices in Financial Sector” which could bring about a fundamental change in achieving business and societal impact. These challenges could be very sophisticated to very elementary but in terms of impact they would be capable of being commercialized, scaled up and focus on real life challenges.
The contributions have come in not only from academics but also from very renowned institutions and industry groups as well.

We aim to continue publish this journal and set up many new milestones around this.

I would like to thank all the editorial team members, reviewers, and initial team which has helped in making this journal a possibility. We hope that the research featured here sets up many new milestones. I look forward to making this endeavor very meaningful and provide an opportunity to make this journal a reality.